Solar is the Future and that Future is Now!

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Source: Florida Solar Partners

The Solar energy industry is in its infancy compared to the staple energy industry based on fossil fuels and nuclear sources.

The push for a greener source of power has prompted consumers to look at other alternatives. Yet the lack of available knowledge of how solar energy works keeps the Florida market at a lower rate of installations compared to other highly populated states. 

Florida Solar Partners is a renewable energy consulting firm focused on providing education on the economic and environmental benefits of implementing solar energy into homes and businesses. The environment needs our help and collectively, we all need to do our part, as it is no longer someone else’s problem. It is OUR problem. Our children are our most valuable possession. If we are not doing our part in protecting our environment, we are destroying it for them and some of the damage may be irreparable. Our children will suffer the consequences of our inaction. 

Sunny, Eartha and Phottie The unique approach of Florida Solar Partners is to educate the general public about the amazing benefits of going solar. Florida Solar Partners introduces Sunny, Eartha, and Phottie to educate children and in turn, the children will help teach their parents why going solar now is the way to go.

Sunny and Eartha have been best friends for a very long time. But Eartha is not feeling well and Sunny is worried for his friend. Some very bright people invented a Photo-voltaic Collector to harvest the energy from the sun and power our homes and businesses around the clock. This is when “Phottie” is born. “Phottie” is short for a Photovoltaic Collector (Strong and durable Solar Panels designed to withstand a Category 5 Hurricane). These solar panels will create an additional layer of safety for your roof and home.

Moms and Dads, you will be leaving an incredible and courageous legacy for your children by going solar. You can tell them – and mean it – that you did your part. In addition, you will be saving money, and eventually, you will own your system and not have an energy bill.

Fun Fact: NASA’s Juno spacecraft uses solar power all th
e way out at Jupiter, where it orbits the planet. Each of Juno’s three solar arrays is 30 feet (9 meters) long! FPL’s solar farm so far is 650 acres and it’s planning on building 10 additional solar farms by 2030.

“Sunny Says, Go Solar!” 

Let’s all do our part in helping to preserve the planet for future generations. 

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