10 Spring Break Ideas for Your Family

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A week with no school for the kids can be stressful! But it can also give you a great opportunity to enjoy some family fun.

Here are ten fun spring break ideas for the whole family.

1. Hit the beach!

For a great many people, Spring Break = The Beach. For good reason. Winter has been cold and gray. Work and school have been rough. No place on earth relaxes the spirit like the coast: bright sun, crashing waves and feet in the sand. Your family will have nothing but smiles.

2. The big parks… and small ones, too.

The Grand Canyon. Yosemite. The Great Smoky Mountains. America is full of natural wonders and beauty. Somewhere within driving distance lies a national park or state park offering endless opportunities for fun and exploration.

3. Baseball.

Starting in March, America’s great pastime begins another season. The states of Florida and Arizona host teams from all over the nation. Spring training offers fans a much more intimate experience with the sport.

4. The big rig.

How many times have you been on the road with your family and you all see that big motor home next to you and wish you were in it? Make it happen. RV dealers rent those big rigs for surprisingly reasonable fees.

5. Backyard fun and staycations.

Traveling is not the only way to have a great time with the family on vacation. Turn your backyard into your very own resort destination. You can play all types of different sports such as ultimate frisbee or volleyball. Even a sprinkler can keep young kids entertained for hours on end. Think outside the box and come up with your own unique backyard fun.

6. Grill Master.

A skill your child should have as an adult is the ability to cook good food. The popularity of outdoor grilling is bigger than ever. Get in on the fun. Spend the week with your kids challenging and expanding your abilities.

7. The Outdoor Project.

Yard work on vacation? Sure! It’s the perfect time to add beauty and function to your home. Take this time to add that long talked about gazebo. That fountain or a garden. Get the whole family involved with the vision and planning. After you’ve sweated it out, head for a swim somewhere.

8. Volunteer.

Spring break is a perfect time to give of yourself. Clean up litter in your neighborhood. Pick up trash around ponds and creeks that harm wildlife. Help an elderly neighbor with yard work or house maintenance.

9. Wacky destinations.

America has millions of strange and odd attractions. Most times they are free or very low cost. The Blowing Rock in North Carolina. Dinosaur World in Florida. They offer a balance to the massive and very expensive theme parks. Yet strangely, they give the same thrills and smiles. 

10. The Food Tour.

We all love to eat. What is your passion? Seafood? Barbecue? Southern cooking? Plan a road trip hitting some of the very best of the foods you love. Maybe you will drive all over Texas sampling the best of their unique beef barbecue. Or, it could be a trip up the New England coast for classic seafood. How about sitting in New Orleans eating jambalaya in an open air café? Nothing brings a family together better than food.