Whose Legendary Path will Lead You to Yours?

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It was only two summers ago when Sasha Olsen started a project that changed her life. She could’ve never expected where an ordinary day, spent in her mom’s closet as Frida Kahlo, would lead her! Studying countless legends and trying on so many different roles, Sasha realized just how impactful her project had the potential to be.

Welcome to Legends from Mom’s Closet, Sasha’s idea to get to know legendary people alongside other kids through reading, creativity, and dress-up! At first, biographies might not seem like the most interesting books to pick up, but to Sasha, you can put yourself in that person’s shoes and picture their life as your own. This sounded like a lot of fun, which is what inspired her love for these real-life stories and setting a stage where she could get to know these legends and their careers even more. From a day experimenting as a Nobel prize-winning scientist to another running like an Olympic gold medalist, the possibilities are endless.

Amidst our changing world during quarantine, Sasha published her own book, Legends from Mom’s Closet, based on her personal experiences “meeting” important legends like Billie Holiday and Marie Antoinette. She knew it couldn’t end there though, so she decided to continue her quest via social media. This opened up a portal of opportunities! Since starting her Instagram, Sasha has gained and spread knowledge with communities all over the world. It’s a platform built on learning and collaboration where you can find small tidbits of information, quotes, facts, illustrations, and more. Her goal is to show others how they, too, can be a part of this world she’s created. Sasha’s infinite amount of curiosity and desire to learn brought her to receiving the Pinnacle Award this year! This was her reminder that she was in control of building her own legendary life just like the rest of these iconic people.

As a family, making education exciting for your kids might seem challenging, but it’s not at all. Of course, there is always someone kids look up to or admire! We usually all have a legend we would love to meet one day. Well, why not connect with these role models in the comfort of your own home? And, it can all be sustainable too!

There’s no need for new costumes, clothing, or accessories. You could make your own crown to dress up as the Queen of England or recreate an art piece in honor of your favorite artist, all while understanding more about how they came to their success. Getting crafty and dressing up using what’s around the house is the best way to open your mind and let your imagination run wild. Considering the length of time kids have spent distance learning, reading and bringing these stories to life is an activity that’s enjoyable and interactive for everyone. That’s why Legends from Mom’s Closet’s mission can bring kids closer to their dream legend.

You can find Sasha’s book online on Amazon and her website, and the continuation of it on Instagram @legendsfrommomscloset. Jumping into this world with her might motivate your kids to think about who their favorite icons are and how their legendary lives will inspire them to build their own!

For more information visit www.legendsfrommomscloset.com