The Kiddos Kid Reporter and Carlos Sarmiento

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Carlos Sarmiento 

FDOT District 6 Community Traffic Safety Program Coordinator & Safety Campaign Manager

Written by: Roxane Timon


Carlos Sarmiento is an award-winning safety expert that specializes in communications, public relations and marketing initiatives for the Florida Department of Transportation – District Six.

During a one-on-one interview with our Kiddos Kid Reporter, Carlos Sarmiento provided us with information on traffic safety. Mr. Sarmiento is an award-winning safety expert who specializes in communications, public relations, and marketing initiatives for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Six. Sarmiento’s traffic safety programs and campaigns have reached tens of millions of people and have been prominently featured in local,state, and national media. His extensive experience and involvement in traffic safety provides us with many solutions for a safer community.

FDOT is launching the “Drive Safe” Aggressive Driving Awareness Campaign for Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. This campaign informs drivers the risks of aggressive driving and provides important resources and safety tips for crash prevention. Carlos Sarmiento shared more details with Kiddos Magazine on safety programs he has launched over the years and on the upcoming “Drive Safe” Campaign, which will run from February through June.

The Kiddos Kid Reporter: Carlos, what are the most important initiatives you have done for FDOT District Six and what were the results?

Carlos Sarmiento: The FDOT takes traffic safety very seriously. We’ve done a number of campaigns and initiatives over the years that reached millions of people in the State of Florida. For instance, we’ve done “Buckle Up Florida” for safety belts, “Alert Today Alive Tomorrow” for bike and pedestrian safety, “Put It Down” for distracted driving, and soon we will be launching “Drive Safe” for aggressive driving.

The Kiddos Kid Reporter: What are the consequences if you Text and Drive?

Carlos Sarmiento: Good question. Texting and driving is very dangerous – you are already taking your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel when you’re reading or sending a text. We’re encouraging everybody not to do that so that you as a driver or as a passenger could be safe.

The Kiddos Kid Reporter: FDOT is launching the new campaign “Drive Safe”. Can you tell me more about it?

Carlos Sarmiento: As you know in South Florida, aggressive driving is a prevalent issue so we’re trying to raise awareness by working with different agencies including law enforcement agencies to address the dangers of aggressive driving.


The Kiddos Kid Reporter: What are the most aggressive driving actions in Florida?

Carlos Sarmiento: Improper lane changes, speeding, not yielding to another vehicle or not sharing the road with pedestrians or bicyclists. Those are some of the aggressive driving behaviors we are seeing in South Florida.

The Kiddos Kid Reporter: How can drivers avoid accidents?

Carlos Sarmiento: You want to be a kind driver and you want to yield to other merging traffic. You definitely want to use your signals when you’re turning, lower your speed, and be aware of your surroundings.

The Kiddos Kid Reporter: What advice will you give to our community?

Carlos Sarmiento: To pay attention to the road, to your behavior, and to lead by example. Again, keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, and be safe.

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