The City of Miami: An Environmental Leader

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Aspiring towards an environmentally friendly lifestyle is essential in the world we exist in today. We live during a time where the choices we make will impact the health and beauty of our communities. It is important we take pride in our neighborhoods. The City of Miami, The Department of Solid Waste, along with the Public Works, NET, Code Compliance, Parks, and Police Departments have taken an environmental stance on enhancing and improving our communities. Through the Keep Miami Beautiful Campaign there are many changes and green initiatives taking place in the City.

The Department of Solid Waste has launched a recycling and zero waste outreach campaign with the goal of sprouting a sense of environmental stewardship and responsibility within the community. They have been actively playing a role towards a more green and sustainable City.

The Department’s current focus is the youth within the City. Over the past several months they have been visiting schools and participating in community events. They enthusiastically engage children, and teachers, as well as parents in presentations geared towards recycling.

The goal of the program is to educate children and young adults now so that they might be the green leaders of the future. Lively presentations and recycle material giveaways that include pencils made from recycled newspaper, rulers made from recycled milk jugs, and bookmarks made of recycled tires, as well as  fun with the Benny the Recycling Bin mascot help children understand a bit more about the program. In hopes that children will help adults change the way they see the environment, The Department of Solid Waste looks to motivate kids to recycle at home and at school while inspiring their parents and people in their communities to  do the same.

It is important that the City of Miami understands recycling conserves natural resources, saves energy, reduces pollution, and decreases the amount trash taken to landfills. It helps keep the air we breathe clean and promotes beautiful communities.

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