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How Will Fencing Benefit My Child?

Written by: Roxane Timon


Fencing is a fun and exciting sport that provides a unique balance of agility, strategy, and physical activity. There are many physical and mental benefits to participating in youth fencing.

Experts advise regular cardiovascular exercise in order to maintain optimal health and longevity. Fencing is a fun way for kids to accomplish this goal. It is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. Fencing increases stamina, reduces stress, develops flexibility,hand-eye coordination and muscle strength. Children will ultimately develop better body awareness through fencing.

Fencing also provides many benefits that children can apply in many areas beyond this sport. The USA Fencing Association states that through the sport of fencing, “children learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline. They learn to compete independently as well as for a team; they learn to enjoy winning and profit from defeats, while becoming physically fit and healthy; and, most importantly, they learn to make complex decisions, analyze problems, and think fast”. Fencing teaches children how to overcome adversity and improves tactical thinking. It is often called the “physical chess”.

Educators are discovering that fencing can enhance mathematical performance. The analytical and abstract concepts of fencing heighten mathematical skills. Fencing improves perception of geometric shapes, fencers visualize lines in space. Fencing is also a great social activity that can be enjoyed at the recreational or competitive level. This makes fencing a well rounded form of exercise with benefits to every aspect of a healthy and happy life. It is an extremely useful tool in balancing a child’s mind and body workout.

As a parent, the primary purpose is to provide support for your child and encourage hard work. The best way to help your child achieve his goals and reduce his fear is through positive reinforcement. The USA Fencing Association states that it is important to “encourage his efforts and highlight the successes and the things your child did well. Your child will have good days and bad ones. Help him through the bad days and celebrate the good days he is fortunate to have. Fencing is a continuous struggle to improve from first-day beginner to Olympic Champion”. “Success”, sometimes interpreted as “winning”, comes at different ages for each fencer.


Fencing Benefits

• Is a fun, safe sport for athletes of all ages

• Teaches discipline and sportsmanship

• Challenges the mind

• Develops balance, agility and hand-eye coordination

• Fencing promotes tactical thinking, it is often called the “physical chess”

• Promotes physical strength and stamina

• Teaches independence and the importance of honesty

• Reduces Stress

• Develops spatial mathematical thinking

• Builds Confidence

• Reduces test taking anxiety

• Develops decision-making abilities

• Teaches how to analyze problems

•  Helps children reach their potential in many areas of their lives


Program Director

Mr. Luis E. Bretones is a U.S.F.A Certified Fencing Instructor and active athlete inside of the National Fencing Association. He has tough and fence in Cuba, Brazil and the United States of America. Mr. Bretones has more than 20 years of experience teaching fencing to athletes of all ages, and 11 years teaching and training fencing to athletes with disabilities. Currently Mr. Bretones is providing fencing training in the Tamiami Park in Miami Florida. Through training, hard work, effort and persistence Mr. Bretones has seen how the sport of fencing has influence for the better all his past students.


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