Something “Strange” is Coming to Frost Science

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Get ready for a totally hands-on experience


Discover the secrets of everyday stuff in the new Strange Matter exhibition, opening Saturday, February 2, 2019, at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science (1101 Biscayne Blvd.) in Downtown Miami’s Museum Park. Located on floors two and three of the museum’s West Wing, Strange Matter delves into the world of materials science or the study of “stuff.” A dynamic blend of physics, chemistry and engineering, this field of research studies how things are put together, how they might be improved or how they can change to create brand new materials.
In Strange Matter, guests will interact with over a dozen hands-on activities to investigate the very structure of these materials and discover what gives them their intriguing and remarkable properties. The exhibition captures advanced materials used in high-tech fields such as the space program and cardiac surgery and reveals them in more common places, from the shoes that you wear and the dishes you eat off of to the bike or skateboard you ride.
Strange Matter is produced by the Ontario Science Centre and presented by the Materials Research Society. This exhibition and its tour are made possible by the generous support of the National Science Foundation, Dow, Ford Motor Company Fund, Intel® Innovation in Education, Rio Tinto Alcan, and the 3M Foundation.
 As Miami’s only planetarium, aquarium and science museum, there’s always something new to discover at Frost Science. Strange Matter will be on view through Sunday, October 13, 2019. Additional information on the exhibition can be found at