Miami is Kind

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You buy, we employ…it’s simple!… It’s Kind.

Miami is Kind Employ professionals with Autism/disABILITIES while creating delicious traditional treats. 


For twelve years Silvia Planas-Prats held an executive leadership role with DuPont Corporation in Barcelona, Spain. While working at DuPont, she was running late one morning for a conference call. This call became the catalyst that changed her destiny. Once on the conference call, she apologized to her colleagues for running late and decided to be honest as to the reason why. “My apologies, I have an autistic son and this morning he had a tantrum.”
At the end of the call, one of the executives on the other end of the line spoke to her at length about his own son with autism and all the wonderful schooling opportunities America had to offer. It was then and there that Silvia decided to move her family to the United States. She and her husband decided it was the best thing to do for their family and Miami became the ultimate destination.
Letting go of her career was not easy, but Silvia knows it was the most important decision of her life and the best way to give her son Marc amazing opportunities he otherwise would not have had. In Barcelona, Marc had such severe behavioral problems that his capabilities were overshadowed. Dismissals from school, lack of sleep, no socializing, and a limited learning environment, was his daily reality. 
When Silvia and her family move to Miami she started advocating for Autism/Disabilities, and in a short period of time, she saw that when children with Autism become 22 they couldn’t find a job. Decided to take the employment challenge head on and in October 2015 founded Miami is kind, an industrial bakery for professionals with autism/disABILITIES.Marc is now a 16-year-old boy that just happens to have autism. He loves riding his bike, dancing, and baking. He’s come a long way with the help of the Miami- Dade County Public School system, and Silvia is so grateful for the programs being offered to him.

“Marc was my inspiration to found Miami Is Kind, maybe one day he works with me…” Silvia says. 

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The first product line is gluten-free, deliciously healthy gourmet artisan macaroons. Started in Oc- tober 2015 hiring two bakers educated in Bakery & Pastry Arts. Then they hired 2 additional bakers in December 2015 and a fifth baker in February 2016. And in 2017 they already have 7 bakers. Miami Is Kind demonstrates that with adequate instruction, a properly structured workplace, and a solid business background – like the one I have- persons with Autism/ disABILITIES excel at a workplace and make the companies they work for profit.

Meet our Bakers
We employ bakers that graduated from JRE Lee Educational Center baking program; a one in a kind program by Miami-Dade Public Schools and also bakers from other great programs in the community. Our employees have worked hard to get the best education available and to be the best professionals in their jobs. They are all about baking and being independent. In a few years, they will be seen as the pioneers in an even Kinder Miami that will see persons with Autism/disABILITIES as contributors of our community each of them in their diverse/unique ways.
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This is our winning teamIn addition to bakers, they will soon employ packers, warehouse operators, maintenance crew, customer service reps, and dispatchers. It’s a social revolution that gives job opportunities and hopes to many adults with autism/disABILITIES in Miami. Through our success, we inspire other companies to follow similar paths. Society starts appreciating their capabilities. Miami Is Kind are the pioneers of the “I am like you” revolution.

Miami is kind has demonstrated that with adequate instruction, and an enjoyable learning atmosphere, adults with autism/disABILITIES excel in the workplace, making the companies they work for profit.

Today they employ 7 bakers and packers with Autism/disABILITIES and their goal is employing 20 by 2020. Their mission is education and employment of young adults with autism while creating healthier and lighter versions of traditional treats.

At Miami Is Kind young adults with disABILITIES make a living out of their work, socialize for their increased health and wellness. We foster personal growth, a culture of effort and social/economic growth for the community.


Make them part of your shopping list! Miami Is Kind Gourmet Artisan Macaroons are available online and at any Whole Foods Market Bakery in Miami and Milan Supermarket. Gourmet Artisan Macaroons vegan, gluten free, dairy free and soy free, made with only natural and organic ingredients and low in sugar.


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Currently working on distribution to bakeries, restaurants, universities, duty-free shops, supermarkets, corporations, financial institutions, hotels, hospitals and senior living facilities. Please contact us if you’d like information on becoming a vendor.

For more information on ordering assorted flavors or catering trays, please email or call us at 305.951.0745.