Can Dogs Eat Ice-Cream?

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Doggy Ice Pops for your furry friend!



The famous cliché that ‘a dog is man’s best friend’ only became popular because of its truth. Since ancient times, the dog has been the one animal that has bonded with man the most. Avid dog owners usually list their dog(s) at the top of their best friends list, and with this unusual yet normal relationship between man and animal, it can only be fitting that humans should, in turn, care about what their pet-friend(s) eats and what it doesn’t.

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We, as a family-owned business, are very passionate about dogs and their welfare, and as a result of that, we have meticulously developed the right blend of ice cream for our canine friends. Not only do we aim to provide our pet friends with a significant nutritious alternative, but also to create a positive impact to the sustainability of the environment using biodegradable products.

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Unfortunately for dogs, the ice cream people eat isn’t always right for them. This is due to their lactose intolerance and other flavors that are also not tolerated well by our canine buddies such as Chocolate. At Doggy Ice Pops we have created the perfect ice cream for dogs. Our unique natural Popsicles are created with natural fruits and wholly formulated under the guidance of veterinarians. It will refresh and nourish your dog with the essential nutrients to keep them active all day. With more than six flavors to choose from, our doggy popsicles are what your dog needs. Doggy Ice Pops have the color and texture of a regular Popsicle and your dog is sure to enjoy them beyond belief – All dogs CAN go to heaven while still being with us!

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