Bunny’s Adventures

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Ever since I got a dog I have been happier, her name is Bunny! she’s active, funny and smart, I think dogs would be an awesome gift for a kid. I remember always begging my mom for a dog, and I finally got one!.

Well, now let me share a little bit about her and her personality; we always play catch with frisbees and bunny always catches it. She is so active and playful. She runs back and forth to where I throw the ball and back to our house, she is awesome.
For today’s adventure I will talk about when I went to the beach with her, we played soccer, volleyball, and even frisbee. She ran to the water and came back jumping to me like a slippery dolphin, in fact then we went to the dog park and she still had energy!
Besides, that she is cute, adorable and most importantly she is friendly. I also remember, when I got her believe it or not it was the same day as New Year’s Eve that’s right New Year’s Eve, isn’t that cool.
That will be the end of my first adventure with Bunny, I know you want to hear more but wait for the next edition, stay tuned and enjoy. In every issue, I will share with you another Bunny’s adventure!
To know more about Bunny and her adventures visit her Instagram page Bunny’s Adventures