An Unforgettable Easter Adventure in 10 Simple Steps

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Written by: Camille Lucy

Easter, a season characterized by joy and colorful traditions, would be incomplete without the exhilaration of an Easter egg hunt. For many generations, these hunts have been a cherished part of Easter celebrations; their roots trace back through centuries of tradition.

The Easter egg hunt carries profound symbolism beyond the simple act of seeking hidden treasures. It embodies the spirit of Easter itself, signifying renewal, transformation, and fresh beginnings. The act of searching for hidden eggs reflects the idea of seeking and finding, representing the renewal of hope and the joy of discovering unexpected blessings. 

Rooted in ancient civilizations, the exchange of eggs during spring festivals symbolized rebirth. In early Christian traditions, the egg became associated with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Today, the Easter egg hunt brings families and communities together, fostering unity and shared celebration. It transcends age, connecting generations through an experience filled with excitement, laughter, and the thrill of discovery, preserving its enduring charm and place in our hearts for generations to come.

Here are some simple steps to creating a memorable Easter adventure:


Considering that you might be attending other events for the holiday, you can be flexible when scheduling your Easter Egg Hunt. While Easter Sunday traditionally hosts these hunts, it may be beneficial to plan your egg hunt for the week leading up to Easter, on Easter weekend itself, or even the weekend following the holiday. This flexibility not only accommodates your family’s unique schedule but also allows your family the opportunity to participate in various community events without feeling overwhelmed.

Additionally, when planning an outdoor egg hunt, prepare for unpredictable weather conditions. Mother Nature can sometimes have her own plans! Designate a “rain date” in case of inclement weather. This ensures that your outdoor egg hunt can proceed smoothly, rain or shine, and guarantees an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Choose the Right Location

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Location, location, location!” Well, that certainly applies here. Find a place that strikes a balance between being spacious enough to accommodate all your eager hunters and intimate enough to create an atmosphere of excitement and enjoyment. Establishing clear boundaries is also important so children understand where the hunt ends and begins.

A well-chosen location offers a wide variety of hiding spots, which adds an element of surprise and challenge to the hunt. These spots could include trees, bushes, flower beds, or behind rocks! Safety is a priority, especially when it comes to children. It’s important to select a location that is at a safe distance from driveways, roads and bodies of water. 

When hosting an indoor Easter egg hunt, to avoid any potential accidents or difficulties, limit the adventure to a single floor and avoid stairs.

Gather an Egg-citing Collection

While some people prefer using real eggs, it’s often more practical and safe to use plastic eggs—especially when there are young children involved. Real eggs, while adding an authentic touch to the festivities, are delicate and prone to breaking. Plastic eggs offer a durable and safe alternative.  What’s more, plastic eggs can be conveniently filled with tiny surprises, such as candies or small toys, making the hunt even more exciting for the kids participating. 

To ensure fairness and age-appropriateness, consider providing around 10 eggs per child, adjusting the quantity based on their age group.

Prepare Egg-Collecting Containers

Make sure you have at least one container for each guest invited. It’s essential to have enough egg-collecting containers in case they do not bring any themselves (BYOB – bring your own basket!) that way no one feels left out. 

To add an extra touch of creativity and personalization to the event, consider exploring options beyond the traditional Easter baskets. Get imaginative with DIY Easter baskets crafted with love or provide alternatives like colorful tote bags, beach pails, or charming small boxes. The possibilities for unique and customized containers are endless, allowing you to tailor the egg hunt experience to your guests and creating lasting memories of a fun and distinctive Easter celebration.

Personalize it!

One way to make Easter even more unforgettable is to create a personalized Easter egg scavenger hunt with clues and riddles tailored to your family’s interests and traditions. As the hunters decode the clues and journey to uncover hidden treasures, the day takes on a new level of specialness, leaving lasting memories of shared laughter and adventure that will be cherished for years to come. This thoughtful and engaging activity adds an extra layer of magic to the Easter celebration, making it an occasion that family members of all ages eagerly anticipate and fondly reminisce about.

Ready, Set, Hide!

Before you begin hiding the eggs, make sure you count them all.  When selecting hiding spots, tailor them to the age groups of the kids participating. Opt for obvious locations on the open lawn for the little ones and more challenging spots such as mailboxes, plant beds, or behind tree stumps for older children.

This careful planning not only tailors the hunt to the abilities and preferences of the participants but also adds an element of excitement and variety to the Easter egg hunt, making it an engaging and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Ready, Set, Hunt!

If you have a lot of guests, consider starting the hunt in rounds by age group, starting with the youngest. Once they’re off and running, initiate a countdown, ranging from one minute to 30 seconds, then allow the older age groups to join in.

And the Winner is…

Once you’re certain that all the eggs have been found (remember the importance of counting them beforehand), it’s time to do a final tally. Even the most seasoned egg hiders can forget their clever hiding spots. Giving out prizes for top hunters adds some extra fun.

Think: Sustainability

With Easter comes an unsettling trend of waste, with plastic eggs, disposable baskets, and over-packaged chocolate bunnies. If you’re interested in learning more about sustainability, now is the ideal time to make a change. As you prepare for Easter celebrations and egg hunts, consider repurposing old items, rather than buying new ones. This simple practice can significantly contribute to a more environmentally conscious holiday celebration.

Local Community Events 

Don’t forget to explore the wealth of local community events hosting Easter hunts or events. Many local gatherings offer delightful opportunities for families to join in the festivities. Kiddos Magazine and CityPlace Doral are hosting Spring & Easter Fun on Saturday, March 16th, from 2:00 PM to 7:00 pm, promising a memorable experience for kids and parents alike. There will be an Art with Fun station, train rides, toddler play area, hula hoop contest, egg hunt & pictures with the Easter Bunny! The event will also include exhibitors, a DJ, first-class entertainment, games, food, raffles, and much more! 

Taking your children to local events not only adds extra excitement to your Easter celebrations, but also strengthens the sense of community and togetherness during this special time of the year.

Easter is a time to embrace joy and vibrant traditions, and the egg hunt is at the heart of this celebration. We are wishing you a truly unforgettable Easter filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories to last a lifetime!

Camille Lucy is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Reiki & Raindrop Technique Practitioner, Ordained Holistic Minister, Certified Meditation & Yoga Instructor, graphic and web designer, business consultant, and long-time animal rescue volunteer. She is also a writer, a Mother of 3 girls, an artist, a Life-and-Love Junkie, a Self-Expression and Development advocate, and – well, you get the point. She’s a lot of things, just like all of us. Learn more about her and her adventure(s) at