Weekend PE

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Where Bubble Soccer Lives! 

Do you remember the last sports activity where your heart pounded from excitement? When you were exhilarated and your mind wondered what would happen next? Can your child answer that question?


Entering into a Bubble Ball is a great experience!. It is a combination of adrenaline rush mixed with laughter and joy. Weekend PE is a Bubble Ball and Sports Recreation company for kids and adults.
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The main purpose is to get kids outside and active. As parents, we have challenges to guide our kids to an active lifestyle. We help them to find what they love to do. Is it a team sport, individual sport, competitions, fitness training or recreational league?
The recreation program at Tropical Park strives to introduce and create new games to allow kids to explore, learn, and develop new skills. Introduction of new games challenges them on a physical level and mental level.
The Bubble Ball events not only create an amazing experience for the kids participating but also an invigorating workout. Bubble games let kids bounce, bump and laugh with there friends while releasing so much energy these kids have stored within them. 
For more information about the Kids Program and Bubble Ball Events please call 786.505.2970 or visit weekendpe.com