Plan Now for Brighter Smiles in 2019

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Now is the perfect time to get organized and set goals for 2019. As you plan for the new year, we encourage you to consider your family’s dental health. Here are a few suggestions to help you create even brighter smiles in the coming year.

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Schedule dental appointments for your family. Be proactive, and make appointments for everyone in your family to visit a dentist in 2019. Check-ups and professional cleanings can identify cavities or early signs of tooth decay before they become serious. Don’t wait for a problem or an emergency to arise.
Guidance for babies and toddlers. To clean your baby’s mouth, simply wipe their gums with a clean damp washcloth or gauze. As soon as your child has teeth, you should start brushing their teeth for them using a soft child-size toothbrush. A first dental visit should occur by age 3, or earlier if you notice any problems with a child’s teeth or gums. Your dentist will use this opportunity to check for growth and development and to identify any potential problems. Plus, your child will begin to learn to be unafraid when visiting the dentist office.
Teach healthy habits to older kids. Depending on your child’s age, it may be time to talk with them about brushing and flossing. When they are old enough to brush their own teeth, by age 12, teach them to brush twice per day, after breakfast and before bed. Daily gentle flossing for children is also recommended as soon as they have teeth which touch each other. Teaching these habits now will encourage a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Remember those clean teeth are happy teeth.
Bright smiles and healthy living go hand in hand. You probably already know that a great smile depends on brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist. But another equally important factor is healthy living. That is why we recommend you and your family
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  • Eat a balanced diet with plenty of whole foods, including fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid excess sugar, such as in sugary sodas. Choose healthier snacks and drink water.
  • Avoid chemicals or overly processed foods which may be bad for you.
  • Prepare healthy meals for your children, and educate them about making smart choices while at school or dining out.
  • Start an exercise program or be active to the best of your abilities.
Follow these tips and make the most out of 2019. Remember: beautiful, healthy smiles are a family affair. Happy New Year!
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