Miss Rosa: A Friend and Teacher for Preschoolers

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Celebrity Interview

PBS KIDS host Miss Rosa, interpreted by actress Jennifer Peña, has become a teaching sensation for children prior to entering kindergarten.

Written by: Estefania Arosemena

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In her everyday explorations, she teaches young kids new lessons through art, songs, dance, storytelling, humor and advice. This lovable teacher of Costa Rican and Puerto Rican descent started her career as a high school teacher in Florida; without ever leaving her other passion behind as an actress. When Jennifer Peña left teaching, she got the opportunity to work with PBS KIDS allowing her to fulfill her acting career, while being a teacher all at the same time. Jennifer Peña came in contact with day care workers, kindergarten teachers and home-care providers who taught her what she needed to know about the preschool audience prior to hosting her TV segments.

PBS KIDS host, Miss Rosa, appears before and after programs to introduce educational concepts and encourage kids to explore the world around them. She has had the opportunity to provide teachers and families with everyday new lessons, books, mobile apps and online resources to help improve their kids’ thinking skills. PBS KIDS does a really good job in making sure they really focus on education in their programming. Miss Rosa also hosts live shows for pre-schoolers at PBS station events in communities across the country. These shows implement several teaching methods like visual, audio, repetition and call & response. The great advantage about these methods is that they are designed to be used by real teachers inside the classroom. “It is very important to get kids excited about learning at this particular age… my major drive when hosting the show is making sure that kids are having fun, while learning along the way,” Miss Rosa told Kiddos Magazine.

As a bilingual teacher, Miss Rosa constantly switches back and forth between English and Spanish. This gives both parents and children the chance to learn new Spanish words everyday. According to Miss Rosa, it is very important for Hispanics residing in the US to learn more about their cultural roots.

No matter your kids’ cultural background, the show will give them the opportunity to learn Spanish and be motivated to become bilingual individuals as they grow.

Miss Rosa believes this is a pretty big deal and an advantage for our kiddos in today’s competitive world. When kids are not watching Miss Rosa on-air, they can still navigate PBS KIDS online resources and continue to build their understanding of the ideas and situations presented on the show.  PBS KIDS makes sure Miss Rosa presents ongoing learning adventures for the preschool audience.

For more information about Miss Rosa’s live stage show and any other educational children’s television shows aired on PBS KIDS you can visit: www.pbskids.org