A Practical Thought on Art Education

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As a lifelong artist I am a great supporter of Art Education in childhood and beyond. The ability to take your ideas and shape them into reality is a very powerful tool.

The benefit of an education that embraces creativity is an asset that extends far beyond making a pretty picture. Art education for children will empower them to lead a more creative and beautiful life.
At some point in everyone’s life there comes a need to create something. Whether it is as simple as making a birthday card or something complex  as a home improvement project, everyone finds themselves with the need to work with their hands to create something new. Art education for children provides them with the experience of taking their ideas and turning them into reality.
All those simple crayon drawings and clay animals that kids make in school are exercises for children to become comfortable taking chances and using their imagination. Far too often I meet adults who have never been comfortable working with their hands. Art Education can break that course for children later in life.
As an artist it has always been a blessing to take simple materials like pencils, papers, and paints to create something beautiful that never existed before. Every time I envision something that I want to create,   I have an infinite multitude of choices for design, colors, and shapes. My art education has shown that there are many ways to solve a problem. This is an ability that serves me far beyond just making pretty  paintings.
I cannot express how many times the ability to visualize a scenario in my imagination has helped me in commonplace experiences.
For example, in my professional life I often have to make frames for my paintings, freestanding structures for displays, and even carve stone for my sculptures.
This has led me to working with power saws, drills, chisels, arc-welders and more.
I have basically become proficient in skills that would suit a carpenter or a mechanic. I have built walls in my home, installed plumbing and insulation and welded broken pipes together that would make any contractor proud. This is just one hands-on example of how my art education has gone beyond just making art.
As long as mankind has walked the earth, they have shaped their world to suit their needs. Civilization as we know it was built upon the creativity of our ancestors. All our pursuits and achievements were made by those that had the imagination and the ability to make their dreams a reality. I encourage you to become an advocate for Art Education.
It is equally important as knowledge in science, math and history. A creative mind will always find a rewarding experience in life.
Phil Fung is an award-winning Miami artist. He has a Master degree in Education from the University of Central Florida and a BFA from Florida State University. Phil travels all over the country exhibiting his work and maintains a teaching studio in South Miami.
 Written by: Phil Fung M. Ed